Postpartum Muscle and Skeletal Concerns

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After delivering a baby, it is common for a mother to have postpartum muscle soreness. Typically, this is felt in the arms, neck, jaw, back, and pelvic region, and should dissipate within several days to a few weeks. A mother may also feel pain or numbness around the vagina or, if a cesarean section was performed, there may be abdominal discomfort when sitting or walking. Additionally, a woman may have a small amount of urine leakage due to weakened or stretched pelvic floor muscles.

After my delivery, is it normal to leak urine when I cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise?

Urinary leakage postpartum is common and treatable! The pelvic floor muscles undergo a significant amount of stress throughout pregnancy and during delivery. The pelvic floor muscles weaken or can simply become inactive and then have a hard time doing their job. Getting evaluated by a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist will give you answers about how well you activate your pelvic floor.

Should I have pain with intercourse after having my baby?

Pelvic pain after having a baby certainly happens to many women, but it is not normal, and it is certainly not something you have to live with. Tight pelvic floor muscles or even scar tissue are a few issues that may contribute to postpartum pelvic pain. Being evaluated by a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist will give you insight into what the possible causes are, and what your treatment options are for your pain.

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